Greg Nathan's Franchise Relations Tip #2

Why franchisees say yes but mean no

Here’s a riddle for you. Three frogs are sitting on a log. One decides to jump. How many are left?

The answer is three. Deciding to jump is different from actually doing it.

If you are a franchisor you will have launched changes to your concept from time to time. And although you no doubt thought these were great ideas, you probably met with resistance from your franchisees.

While this can be frustrating, some psychological resistance to change is a natural part of being human. The trick is knowing how to work with this resistance.

Initially it usually manifests as silence. When faced with something new, franchisees need time to get their minds around what it means to them. It is easy to mistake this silence for agreement.
There is an element of wishful thinking here. We present our idea and, almost as an afterthought, we ask if there are any questions. If not, we assume everyone is on board. Big mistake.

People may even agree that in principle the idea is a good one. However this is different from agreeing to do it!

If you want your franchisees to embrace a new initiative, (remember they are the ones that have to make it work), you must take them through a process which engages their heads and their hearts. This

involves providing good data and open two-way communication. And most importantly, it should be consistent with your culture. Do this and people will move through 5 stages – from initial silence, to concern, to mild frustration, to acceptance and finally to commitment. As I said it’s a process.

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Greg Nathan
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Franchise Relationships Institute

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Greg Nathan, Managing Director of Franchise Relationships Institute


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