Handling Food Allergies & Dietary Restrictions at Your Next Event!

Gluten free graphicBack by popular demand, we’re recirculating this information about food allergies, because it’s being talked about in meeting planning circles continuously!

While your franchise conference or convention includes a myriad of important details like: venue, theme, content, agenda, franchise-savvy speakers and workshop presenters, team building activities and much more, you’ve likely seen that the food you’re serving CAN bring the harshest criticism in after event surveys. 

Food allergies, dietary restrictions and food preferences are taking center stage as focus has shifted to include not only what tastes good, but how our bodies react to the food we eat.

87% of households in the US have some sort of dietary restrictions.

So, of course, food choices can make or break the overall conference experience for an attendee (and can even mean life or death in extreme cases).

California Meetings and Events Magazine shared this helpful article with eight steps to help keep your franchise conference attendees healthy and happy: How to Navigate the Needs of Attendees with Food Allergies.

How are you going above and beyond for your franchise conference attendees with special needs, or even simply preferences? Please share your ideas – we’d love to pass them along!

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P.S. It’s estimated that 33% of a conference budget is allocated to food/beverage. Does that sound about right to you?

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