How to Achieve Growth and Adapt to Change with Dr. Gary Bradt!

Dr. Gary Bradt has been teaching C-Suite leaders and employees strategies to adapt to change with a growth mindset and a resilient spirit for 25+ years. And it’s clear that more than ever before, change and unrelenting disruption are causing employees to feel emotional fatigue, burnout, stress, anxiety and a myriad of emotions that strip them of creativity, productivity and overall joy.

Dr. Gary Bradt is being called upon by leading franchise brands and Fortune 500 companies to  share his practical and actionable tools for change with employees at every level, so they can embrace change and create a positive path forward both professionally and personally. And he’s ready to help your franchise system do the same! With his insight and expertise, his attendees are guaranteed to walk away knowing how to:

  • ADOPT an opportunity mindset and start moving fast toward positive goals and outcomes.
  • LET GO of what is holding you back, and recognize what is possible.
  • NURTURE relationships and build a foundation of strength, trust, and mutual support.
  • PRACTICE courageous optimism and share ideas openly to find new solutions.
  • GROW where you’re planted and move forward with positive determination and confidence.

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