How to Kill a Franchise Conference Mood

There has been buzz surrounding your franchise event and keynote speaker for months now. The day is here. The meeting room looks great. Excitement is flowing from franchisee to franchisee as they choose their seats. The speaker takes the stage to a preemptive standing ovation and then….the ear-shattering noise of microphone feedback. Talk about killing a conference mood, right?

You can’t always stop technology mishaps from happening. We’ve learned from our world led by wireless laptop remotes, iPod players and live-tweet streams that sometimes things just don’t work. But you CAN take actions to make sure that the focus of the meeting is not on AV that went haywire, but the great content that you’ve worked on for a year to share with your conference attendees.

The folks at Hartford Technology Rental put together a helpful Audiovisual Checklist for event planners to minimize and added stress associated with event AV, and to make sure no one’s talking about anything other than how they are going to apply the lessons they learned from the speaker to help grow their franchise.

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  • Alan Parisse

    Virtually every experienced speaker I know has a technology story (or ten). This one is particularly disturbing. If the PPT goes out, and you are prepared, you can go on. If the mike dies and the audience is not too big, you can project. But it the mike screams and keeps screaming, all you can do is run.

    Preparation is key but sometimes … well we all know.

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