Improve the Vitality of Your Franchise Organization … This Year.

Healthy franchise relations are the key to success in tough times.

Have you ever wondered how to get everyone in your franchise network pulling together as one team? Or why your franchisees don’t listen to your good advice? Join us for a Profitable Partnership Boot Camp and spend two valuable days with franchise relationships expert, Greg Nathan, on creating profitable partnerships and learn how to achieve exceptional results through the power of collaboration.

This year Greg will be covering how to:

  • Increase franchisee satisfaction and validation
  • Create a healthy performance driven franchise culture
  • Transform field managers from “cops” to “coaches”
  • Win franchisee cooperation and support for new initiatives
  • Prevent stress by resolving conflict before it gets out of hand

Spending two full days with Greg and more than 100 other franchise executives, really digging into the very essence of how to build and sustain healthy franchise relationships, could be the most significant investment you make this year. In fact, in recent years it’s become common practice for a few executives from a brand to attend one Boot Camp and return to the very next one with their entire teams. I think that speaks volumes about the value of the learning experience that Greg creates.

Here’s a recent testimonial that I thought might also be compelling:

“The Profitable Partnerships Boot Camp was the best two days I have spent at any session.  I can’t recommend this event highly enough. It’s an investment you’ll get a return on immediately – better coaching skills, tools to manage conflict and unique ways to get engagement from your entire franchise system.” 
— Jodie Shaw, CEO Action COACH

Also, if you missed our Healthy Franchise Relations Summer Webinar Series, the replays are available at:

In the four-part webinar series Greg covers: Avoiding 10 Common Mistakes in Franchise Relations, Using

the Franchise E-Factor to Reduce the Costs of Conflict, Improving the Effectiveness of Field Visits, and 10 Strategies for a Healthy Franchising Culture

Please listen in! The sessions are free and will give you a great sense of what you’ll learn at our upcoming Profitable Partnership Boot Camps. Join us there – it’s an investment you’ll be glad you made!

For more information, please contact me – Katrina Mitchell – at or by phone at 720-304-3710.

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