Indifferent Service – The Silent Killer of Customer Loyalty

Frequently we are asked to find a speaker who can help franchisees create a culture of service with their front-line staff.  Ensuring that their brand’s promise is being delivered to their customer is a common challenge for so many of our clients. 

Customers don’t complain about indifferent service.  They just don’t come back and they certainly don’t recommend your brand. 

In this short clip from his “Speaking of Service Excellence” video series, Dennis Snow explains how to combat the silent killer of customer service – indifferent service.   



According to Dennis, here’s the question to ask to combat indifferent service:

“With the customers we serve, what would indifferent service look like or sound like?”    

With that list in hand, now create the opposite… 

“If this action is indifferent service, what would caring service look like?”

Have your team turn each example of indifference around into an example of care.   

Now everyone on the team has a clear picture of what caring, connected, customer service looks like.

I love this tip.  So powerful, yet so simple – thanks, Dennis! 

More soon… 


P.S. Here is what a recent client said about Dennis:

“Our senior management was so pleased with how well you aligned your message to the overall objective of our workshop – providing world class customer service! 

CONGRATULATIONS! It was a pleasure working with you.” 

– Julie, Valvoline Instant Oil Change 

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