Is There Really a Place for Mindfulness Practices in my Franchise Network? 4 Ways to Improve Performance!

Well-being is an important topic. Particularly over the past couple of years, the importance of mental health and well-being has come to the forefront as franchisors and franchisees are looking for creative ways to retain talent and ensure a healthy workforce.

As supporting our teams becomes a strategic priority, the question is asked: Is there really a place for mindfulness practices in my franchise network? Speaker, best-selling author and mindfulness expert Carisa Findley says, YES! 

Franchisees win when they follow the network’s proven systems and take responsibility for the success of their business. However, so many owners get in their own way, explains Carisa. They have limiting beliefs and fears that prevent them from taking action. Unfortunately, most traditional franchise training doesn’t tackle these blocks (no wonder results stay stagnant).

With mindfulness strategies, like visualization and meditation, franchise owners can approach their day with intentionality that helps them focus their team and drive results forward.

How to increase business performance through mindfulness:

  • Studies show that visualization can help with problem-solving
  • Mindfulness techniques can increase your likeliness to hit a goal
  • Research in positive psychology links gratitude practices with higher levels of happiness
  • Some on the most successful leaders contribute their accomplishments to meditation

Carisa Findley has coached and trained franchise owners for over a decade. For high performing franchise owners, she has found that it is their mindset that leads to their success.

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  • Wow! What an incredible experience having Carisa Findley live for our conference. The 400 plus business partners walked out feeling as though they could take their business to the next level.

    Tyler Moore Elements Massage / VP, Operations
  • I've had the opportunity to attend several of Carisa's workshops, and I always leave ready to conquer my next goal! It's impossible NOT to have a good time in Carisa's sessions.

    Tori Kornhaas Elements Massage / Business Coach
  • Thank you so much for coming out and teaching this awesome class! I don’t say it lightly - best Sales Training ever! Just the right information, presented clearly and concisely and with an ideal dose of humor. You knocked it out of the park!

    Adrienne Rush TITLE Boxing Club / Franchise Owner & FAC Member
  • My learnings from Carisa have inspired me to STOP and really step forward in an intentional way. Everyone has doubts, everyone has negative thoughts and Carisa facilitates breaking through those barriers and realizing the potential that lives inside everyone.

    Tony Zak Wellbiz Brands / VP of People
  • "Carisa Findley's 'Best Life Formula' was the absolute perfect virtual event for my company's women's group, Women@Rust-Oleum.  Centered on mindfulness, Carisa presented practical, yet powerful, tools to help us live our best lives.

    The combination of mindset, exercise, and meditation practices really hit home with participants. She showed us that simple, purposeful steps can take us from a life on auto pilot to our most extraordinary one!

    Participants found her compelling, engaging, motivating, humorous and real.

    Carisa was extremely easy to work with and really listened to and achieved the goals I wanted for the session. She's an expert in mindfulness and delivered the content in a very approachable and easy to understand way. The "Best Life Formula" is applicable to any gender/age/occupation regardless of experience with exercise or meditation.

    I highly recommend Carisa to any group looking for an energetic speaker with life-relevant content. You will be overjoyed with the results!"

    Ashley O'Donnell Women@Rust-Oleum

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