Just 1 Easy Step to Choosing Your Next Awesome Franchise Speaker

Finding a perfect speaker match for your next event SHOULD be easy. But perhaps your event planning team’s process is time-consuming. Maybe it looks something like this: googling speakers by topic or looking into those suggested by your franchise team—often finding, after checking sources, that they are somewhat or even wildly out of your budget parameters. 🙁 Or perhaps you’ve booked a speaker who disappointed by obviously NOT understanding your brand… franchising…or how to be client-focused.

Because we search and match each and every day, Franchise Speakers has created a 10-Step Checklist for Choosing The Right Franchise Speakers to help focus your search efforts—we hope it’s useful in your event planning.

10 Step Checklist for Choosing The Right Franchise Speakers

Here at Franchise Speakers, we take vetting speakers very seriously. Our business model, as the only franchise industry exclusive speaker bureau, is to find the perfect match while saving time for your event planning team by providing 5-8 speaker options that hit on ALL your criteria…and perhaps a few you may not have thought of…all at no charge to you.

Check out our downloadable 10-Step Checklist or let’s talk and explore ideas. I’d love to find the perfect match and make it EASY for you!

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Here are a few things the Franchise Speakers team looks for in the pruning process:

  • No DIVAS!
  • Franchise savvy.
  • Event theme and learning objectives.
  • A culture fit for your franchise system.

P.S. We are seeing speaker fee increases for next year. If you’re looking at your 2023 event, we’d love to get holds down on speaker calendars, which typically lock in the current year’s fees. Let’s talk soon!

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