Mike Abrashoff: Looking to Take Your Franchise to the Next Level?

One might not think there are a lot of similarities between a franchise organization and a naval ship, but Mike Abrashoff, Commander of the naval ship USS Benfold and top-tier keynote speaker, begs to differ. His experience turning his ship around in record time can help you take your franchise to the next level also in record time. At the bottom in terms of performance evaluations, the USS Benfold was running with a crew that had low morale and high turnover. In just 12 months, Mike turned the ship around ultimately ranking #1 in performance.

Mike Abrashoff

The USS Benfold and your franchise are alike in many ways: the structure was already in place and there were systems and rules that had to be followed. As Mike says, nobody has more rules than the military (ha!).

If you’d like Mike to share his experience and lessons at your next conference to help your franchisees move their teams toward remarkable performance, let’s talk. Mike’s fee’s start at $28,500 and he travels from Miami. (If your next event is in South Florida, Mike also has South Florida local fees.) Let me know if you’d like more information.

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P.S. Mike will be keynoting for two of our favorite franchise clients this summer. If you’re interested in knowing more about having Mike at your conference, let us know. There may be a preview opportunity available – let’s talk.

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