Ricky Kalmon: Refreshingly Different—Decidedly WOW!

Ricky is fascinating, hilarious (and always tasteful 🙂 ) and “on the edge of your seat” unpredictable as a Stage Hypnotist…but he also delivers an invaluable, motivational and practical message on the power of the subconscious mind in our personal and professional results DAILY.

Ricky WOWed one of our wonderful franchise clients earlier this month and based on the incredible review and interest in spillover business, we are SUPER excited to recommend him as a fresh, fun, power-packed option for more of our franchise friends. (And he’s a dream to work with—kind, authentic and absolutely client-focused!)

Ricky has a straight Comedy Hypnosis Show which…

  • Is an interactive experience – always in good taste – clean and politically correct!
  • Appeals to all audiences and demographics
  • Is customized to fit the theme of your franchise event
  • Is high-energy entertainment with a strong take home message
  • Ice-melting and barrier-dissolving presentation (SO positive and fantastic as a counterpoint to potentially tense or anxious franchisees).

In addition, Ricky also has a keynote entitled, “Unlock the Power Within™”, which is a deeper dive into the mindset and the subconscious. In it, he reveals how the subconscious mind can be the greatest tool in achieving new heights, reducing stress, increasing productivity and success. Ricky show his audiences how to enhance their mindsets to repel doubt and ignite your positive intentions and results!

We’re SO excited about Ricky’s ability to create a fabulous experience for franchise teams—he’s transformational and will be one of those memorable, talked about, convention moments that meeting planners everywhere aspire to.  🙂 

Ricky’s fees start at $15,000 and he travels from Atlanta. If this sort of WOW sounds like something your franchisees would love, let’s talk!

More soon…


P.S. Ricky has made numerous special guest appearances on ESPN, Hallmark Channel, Fox, FX, TV Guide, HLN/CNN and The Disney Channel. He’s charismatic, amazing and an absolute WOW!

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