The Brave New World…of Work – with Seth Mattison

In this new world of work, how does wisdom, knowledge and perspective fuse with a fresh, tech-savvy view for maximum impact?
Because, let’s face it, youth influence trends and then they spread.

Seth’s enthusiasm and total relatability engages and inspires audiences to shift their thinking about relationships—how to create meaningful ones across generational differences within the franchise team, as well as in an increasingly networked potential customer base.

Seth is a millennial, but connects easily with all generations in a genuine, respectful, dare I say, loveable way.  🙂 

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Here’s a quick glance at some of his topics, which are highly personalized based on your franchise learning objectives AND his homework!

Seth MattisonAccelerating Accessibility:
Strategies for Engaging the Connected Consumer

This new, networked view of the world brought to life with new insights, best practice recommendations & actionable tools to foster long-term loyalty & brand preference amongst the next generation of consumers.

Unleashing the Potential of Every Generation

Understand the histories, personalities, strengths & challenges of each unique generational group, complete with research-based recommendations for leading, managing, recruiting & retaining colleagues of all ages and experience.

The Future of Work Today:
Insights from the New World of Work

Navigating a new business landscape where the pace of change is elevating and collaboration is the key ingredient to unleashing the innovation required to win.

Relationship Revolution:
Building Better Connections in the Digital Age

Explore 5 key insights that will equip you for building better, stronger, more authentic relationships in the new world of work.

Seth’s positive, compelling message of exciting change is absolutely contagious and has been transformational for many huge brands doing great things in this new world of work!

Seth’s fees start at $15,000 inclusive of airfare. His home base is LA, but he’s typically on the road, so let’s just say he travels from anywhere, to where you are! Let’s talk if Seth sounds like an intriguing option for your next event.

More soon…


P.S. Here’s a thought from Seth regarding organizational culture: “The leader no longer sits on the top of the chart, he/she sits in the center of the network and has the ability to connect with everyone.”

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