The SPEAK! ‘Month of Women’: Lisa Ford – Out-Think, Out-Serve, Out-Execute!

Welcome to Week #2 of SPEAK!’s “Month of Women”! If you missed Week #1, here’s the fact that led to our mission this month. Ready? Less than 10% of keynote speakers are women. Looking at the FANTASTIC female speakers we work with regularly, this should not be. So without further ado, next up is Lisa Ford!

Lisa Ford headshotIf you’re looking for…a content-rich, customer service message, with a smooth, polished delivery that, by the way, also happens to be HILARIOUS…Lisa is the hands-down choice!

“What are you doing to out-think, out-serve and out-execute YOURSELF every single day? That’s what makes an incredible difference. We can’t control the markets, we can’t control some of ‘those’ customers, but we CAN control our service. “ – Lisa Ford

Decidedly different customer service is Lisa’s passion. And her hands-on, actionable strategies can be implemented immediately for impactful change! Your franchisees will head home inspired and armed with tools to motivate their teams to WOW their customers.


[vimeo id=”162578228″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

To see more of Lisa’s style and content, check out her library of quick videos. If creating or maintaining exceptional customer service is on the list for your next franchise convention, let’s talk about Lisa as an option.

Lisa’s fees start at $10,500 and she travels from Atlanta, GA.

More soon…


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