To Emcee or Not to Emcee…Is That Your Question?

If your franchise system has not used an outside emcee for your event, it may seem like a non-essential expense—and technically, of course, it is. However, the benefits are beyond what you may consider on the surface—managing energy, recapping key points, and often…saving the day and making the C-suite shine!

Check out our SPEAK! Why Use an Emcee for your Franchise Event to help you envision what an emcee can provide.

Whether you…

  • Utilize an AniMates, live computer-generated character (incredible, check them out!)
  • Hire a professional emcee (we have several we’ve worked with and can recommend highly!)
  • Would love to find a keynote speaker for your event whose value can be leveraged by acting as an emcee as well (many of our favorite speakers have experience and are excellent and intuitive in this role!)

…utilizing an emcee could be the fresh WOW for your next event.

Let’s talk about the endless possibilities!

More soon…


P.S. BTW, do you say emcee or MC? Perhaps it’s a bit like, potato/potahto or tomato/tomahto? No matter, call me about your MC or emcee questions!  🙂 

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