Troy Hazard: Create A More Meaningful Pre-Program Speaker Call

Once chosen (we’d love to help 😊), the success of your convention keynote speaker is hugely affected by your pre-program call with him/her, weeks prior to your event!

Keynote speaker and consultative franchise partner, Troy Hazard, recently sat down with Katrina and shared his experience-driven strategy for making the pre-program call between a franchise leadership team and speaker as meaningful as possible.

We especially love the follow-up videos used in the post-event drip campaign – just brilliant! What a great way to keep the franchise key messages alive and well over the year.

More soon…

P.S. If you want a franchise speaker who will do his homework, present a message aligned with your objectives AND keep that message alive throughout the year, let’s talk! Troy Hazard is far beyond a drop in keynote speaker, trust me! His fees start at $15,000 and he travels from Ft. Lauderdale.

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