Turning 60 & A Grateful Heart

Katrina & Cecil Roy Celebrating 60!

Katrina & Cecil Roy Celebrating 60!

This week, I celebrated my 60th birthday!

I’m lucky, my birthday is always near the U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday.  The world feels kinder and more generous of spirit this time of year.

Like many, I use my birthday season to reflect and plan, to take stock of where I have been and where I want to go.

Turning 60 is amazing in so many ways.

Most significant is that I GET to turn 60!  As many of you know for the last 5 years, I have been either in treatment for a rare and aggressive type of breast cancer or crawling back from the fallout of that treatment.  The initial diagnosis was followed by a recurrence where the disease had moved into the lymphatic system in my skin.  Three rounds of chemo, two lumpectomies and two rounds of aggressive radiation, one of which literally burned 2/3 of the skin off my chest.  I was often on my knees, and yet somehow with Divine Grace, an extraordinary medical and integrative healing team, and the abundant and steady love of friends personal and professional, I made it through.

And I’m here, turning 60, with so much to be grateful for. I’m a living, breathing, walking, laughing, playing, skiing, dancing, working miracle.

As mentioned, I love Thanksgiving week.  I love that so many people put their attention on being grateful, being thankful, and being kind.  A dear friend and speaker partner was so excited about the warm, cheap coats she found at Costco.  She bought 10 coats and a car full of food and brought it all to her church.  Another franchise friend just wrote me in response to my birthday request. His family is fostering a dog who is now in hospice care – no one wanted this pup.  No one cared.  But then someone with love in their heart took him home to live out is last days with care and affection and love and safety.  Both stories touched my heart.

We need more love in the world.  We need more kindness.  We need less ‘you against me’ and more ‘how do we fix this together’.

🙌 My birthday wish is that every one of us go out

and find someone to do something kind for today! 🙏

This simple request resonated with so many people this week… I keep responding with, Let’s Start a MOVEMENT!

How can we uncover the very best of ourselves and let that shine?   How can we reach up, out, over and across (thinking of that infamous ‘aisle’) and lift each other up, listen deeply, open our hearts and our minds to see the other side, to forgive, to encourage, to solve and to support.  I know we can do it.  We can do anything.

Let’s Start a MOVEMENT!

Be Safe. Stay Well. Be Hopeful. Stay Grateful.


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  • Geraldine Ree

    Yay you Katrina! 60 and looking fabulous!! Healthy scares give the next level of meaning to gratitude and living life on purpose. May you live life healthy, strong, and bolder than ever before! Happy Birthday.

  • Katrina Mitchell

    Thank you Geraldine! I am so excited to be here and be so strong. Thank you for your warm-hearted well wishes! Let’s go do some GREAT WORK in the world! 🙂

  • Cassidy Ford

    I didn’t know your story! Sending you blessings for a great 60th year! Congrats

  • Katrina Mitchell

    Thanks Cassidy! Appreciated your blessings. I’ve never been happier. Let’s keep the KINDNESS MOVEMENT going!

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