Virtual and Hybrid Meetings are Here to Stay, and New Technology is Amplifying Both Engagement and Safety

While most conferences and conventions are eager to return to in-person events, 93% of organizations, including many franchise systems, say a virtual component will remain a part of the plan. As a result, virtual and hybrid event technology will continue to improve, along with enhancements in event cybersecurity, virtual networking and event entertainment interactivity, moving forward.

Creating communities around conferences with networking that integrates with LinkedIn, and allows one-on-one messaging to make it easy for attendees to engage with each other before, during and after the event helps foster important engagement. Additionally, for in-person events, Smart Badges and wristbands using RFID technology can provide a way for contactless payment and digital lead retrieval. Wearable tech can also be used to mitigate risks by controlling crowds and providing contact tracing.

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