Ziplining with the Franchise Speakers Team

As this is World Wellbeing Week, we thought it would be a great time to share highlights from our recent Franchise Speakers team rendezvous.

While planning our recent team meeting, the idea of Ziplining came up.  

WHAT?!!!  Ziplining?!!!!

The team was excited to connect and enjoy each other’s company but ziplining? The height? Oh my

For all of us, the thought of ziplining seemed fun and exciting, AND more than a little challenging as we all experience varying degrees of discomfort with heights and none of us had ever ziplined before! 

We did it!! 

As a team, we were there for each other and supported each other through the entire adventure. Not only did we learn a lot about our team mates, we found out what the Franchise Speakers Team was made of – strong, willing, vulnerable, honest, and courageous!

Though we may have begun our ziplining adventure through the Smoky Mountains with a few shaky hands, we ended the trip with ginormous smiles and a huge dose of deep personal satisfaction with our individual and collective accomplishments.  

We are ready to make this an annual outing.  

As our guides cued each other, we say ZIP ON TEAM!

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