2021 Will be the Year of Automation

Founder of Future Point of View and Franchise Speakers partner, Scott Klososky, specializes in helping leaders see the world in new ways. He uses innovation, velocity, and future vision to build his own companies and advise clients.

By living on the edge of technology innovation and its impacts on franchisors and society in general, Scott is able to help us understand  the relationship  between business success and innovation.

Why Will 2021 Be the Year of Automation?  Here’s what Scott sees coming our way:

“We are in an era when technology is systematically integrating more and more into our lives. While we will see more automation and machines in the workforce, this could ultimately benefit us. The current pandemic is accelerating the changes already underway, in which AI is automating human work. COVID-19 has spurred a massive technological transition into the virtual world, putting large digital firms at an increasing advantage.

Modern tools, such as collaborative work applications and teleconference tools will alter our view of what an office environment looks like. While some organizations, following this pandemic, may return to a traditional office environment, many more will decide that a remote work environment makes more sense from a practical and economic sense.

We, as a species, were heading in this direction anyway, just slowly. COVID-19 will hasten this transformation.”

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