Meridith Elliott Powell: Business Growth Strategist

Business Growth Expert and Keynote Speaker, Meridith Elliott Powell, has a cutting-edge message, rooted in real-life examples and real-world knowledge. Author of “Who Comes Next,” Meredith has developed a timely message that will help you shift your focus to success through empowering those who represent you.

High energy and highly interactive, Meridith knows exactly how to help franchisees and franchisors learn the new rules of success today, and the strategies they need to build their business, engage their team, and leave their competition in the dust!

A certified speaker professional, Meridith is ready to help you answer the hard questions, like: Where do I find talent? How do I build a talent pipeline? Who will lead our organization? And Who Comes Next? Because she knows better than anyone: in a world like this, the only true competitive advantage you have left is the level of talent you attract.

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