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Franchising is a business in itself, and senior franchisor executives need to develop a unique set of skills if they are to succeed at leading and influencing their franchisees.

Greg Nathan PhotographThe Franchisor Excellence Masterclass offered by FRI (Franchise Relationships Institute) , provides franchisor executives with skills and insights into the psychology of franchising using cutting edge research, and small group discussions where best practice tips are shared. The program is facilitated by FRI’s Founder, Greg Nathan and is CFE accredited.

Hear powerful insights into the psychology of franchising that every franchisor executive needs to know. 

You’ll learn practical and evidence-based content that comes from FRI’s decades of research working with hundreds of the world’s most successful franchise networks.

Sessions are highly interactive and provide participants with the tools and processes proven to build a profitable, healthy franchising culture where franchisor teams and franchisees can work together to achieve their goals.

  • New insights from business psychology on how to build trust and commitment
  • Techniques to grow your network with high-quality franchisees
  • Leadership strategies to build commitment and buy-in to change
  • Current and emerging trends that are shaping the future of franchising
  • Tips and techniques to fully engage franchisees in important brand initiatives

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US Dates/Times
June 23, 30, July 7, 14, & 21, 2022

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