Connecting Work and Family from Dan Thurmon

Dan Thurmon understands the challenges of a demanding job while also maintaining loving family relationships. Dan’s ability to connect work and family really touched us over here, so we wanted to share some of his ideas with you. We hope you love it too.

Here is Dan’s Top 10 Actions List. Everyone here has found this helpful. Hopefully, you will too!

Ten Actions to Strengthen Your Work-Relationships Lifeline

  1. Share the purpose and scope of your work with your loved ones. Explain the mission – why you do what you do.
  2. Deepen your friendships at work. Find a colleague you can call a friend and get to know him or her on a deeper level.
  3. Introduce your family to your coworkers.
  4. Have a “bring your kids to work” day.
  5. Ask your spouse for input on a business decision – and use it.
  6. Employ your children to help you with aspects of an assignment. Teach them about the work and economics. Pay them for their assistance.
  7. Demonstrate that your work supports your family but doesn’t replace your family. Purposefully postpone an assignment–disengage from your work to engage in a meaningful moment with your loved ones. You can’t always do this, but show them you can, and do, but them at the top of your priority list.
  8. Post pictures of your family and friends in your workplace.
  9. If you travel, find creative ways to bring your family and friends “along for the ride.” Travel together if possible, or remain in touch using technology.
  10. Form a Mastermind Group – that is a friendly group of 3-6 peers you respect and can learn from. Meet regularly to discuss opportunities to grow. Challenge each other while growing in friendship.

Thanks, Dan!

More soon…

P.S. In 2018, Dan has been one of our most booked keynote speakers (he has a fantastic follow-up workshop as well), and for great reason. He’s the real deal…on stage and in each interaction. If you’d like to know more about him, his content or fees, let’s talk and potentially get a hold on his 2019 calendar.

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