Connie Dieken: Connect, Convey, Convince to Lead

When Connie Dieken takes the stage to talk about influence, audiences are glued to her every word. Through years of research, Connie boils down the ability to be an influencer to 3 things: connect, convey, convince. Through compelling stories and customized examples, Connie delivers tactical ways in which the audience can increase their influence, in order to:

  • Lead teams in time of change
  • Recruit and retain the best talent
  • Attract, create meaningful experiences for and retain customers


As part of Connie’s pre-program preparation, she creates a personalized portal for her Influence360º Psychometric Assessment Tool, inviting all attendees to complete a short survey which identifies personal influence patterns and generates a personalized assessment. This produces an edge of the seat anticipation for Connie’s session. She’s even found that it increases attendees! (Even if attendees do not complete the survey, they are lock step in gaining skills and value to take back to their businesses.)

Connie is a breath of fresh air—both working with her and on stage. And the insights and skills developed in working with her will be life-changing for your franchise team—guaranteed.

If you want to know more about Connie for your 2020 event, let’s talk!

More soon…


P.S. Amazingly, Connie’s fees for this type of customization is $20,000. She loves follow-up breakout sessions for a deeper dive into the content—ask about her fees for that!

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