How Ready are You for a Market Shift? Interview with Troy Hazard

During my typical 4th quarter business planning for the upcoming year (boy are we excited!), I had an extended conversation with Troy Hazard. With his extensive background in all things franchise and strategic business building, he’s a wealth of knowledge. (I simply cannot take notes fast enough. 😊)

As we were talking this year, we ended up on the topic of preparing for a shift in the market—a HOW TO approach. (He’s the author of Future Proofing Your Business.) I immediately decided we needed to share it with our franchise friends… 

SPEAK! Interview with Troy Hazard: Preparing for a Shift in the Market


Great stuff, right? And for those of you, like me, who would like to see his tips in writing, here is Troy’s article: Are You Resilient Enough for the Next Recession? Feel free to pass it along to spark thought-provoking conversations.

As always, thanks for taking the time to listen. My aim is to deliver value to you and the wonderful world of franchising.

More soon…


P.S. Just in case you’ve not yet watched the video, Troy makes an offer to spend 30 minutes (complimentary) with any franchise executive to explore their readiness for a market shift. Many franchisors have already found the outside perspective from a franchise insider compelling and a difference maker. Email me and say you’d like to connect with Troy and we’ll set it up!

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