It’s the Bottom of the 9th!

Whatever your favorite sport analogy, we are approaching the finish line for 2020. I love this article Troy Hazard wrote on finishing strong—with the prize squarely in focus…

It’s the Bottom of the 9th! 

With only a few weeks to run until the end of the year, for many business leaders, it’s starting to feel like the bottom of the (never-ending) 9th! 

It’s also about this time your focus on winning the game shifts to a focus of just finishing the game, win or lose. 

And in one of those moments a very long time ago I developed a simple process that I follow to make sure I am in check with my game, and remain focused on the prize.

 So, If you are feeling a little tired, burnt-out, or just not sure how to keep on pitching until the end of the year – Here’s 9 steps to get through the bottom of the 9thread more 


I hope to talk to many, many of you before the year’s end. Wishing you individually, and the franchise industry collectively, a strong finish!

More soon…


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