Do You Really Know What Your Franchisees Are Saying About Your Brand?

Recently, Michelle Rowen, President of Franchise Business Review, and I had a chat about the upcoming Franchise Satisfaction Survey. 

Michelle took me through a tour of what their survey does and the wealth of data that is available to franchisors who participate.  WOW! WOW! WOW! – I can’t imagine running a franchise system without this kind of foundational feedback and being able to use the data as a road map to success!

Check out this short video to understand the real value that participating in this highly credible third-party research would bring to your system. And did you know that participating is FREE? 

Every team within a franchise system will benefit from participating including Development, Marketing, and Operations. And of course, giving the C-suite an honest and timely look at what needs to be done to successfully grow the system and create a culture where every business flourishes is not to be overlooked! 

Here are 3 key reasons that those franchise systems that survey every year are also the fastest growing and most profitable systems out there.  These franchisors know that:

  1. Letting their franchisees know that they are listening goes a long way in creating a culture of collaboration and unity
  2. Closing the feed-back loop and responding to the ideas, suggestions and concerns of their franchises creates a culture of trust and open communication
  3. When presented with the overall results, those nay-sayers in a system are confronted with how well the system is thought of in the eyes of their peers. ‘Negative Nancy’s’ often adopt a new positive perspective

Okay, you can tell I’m really excited about this year’s Franchise Satisfaction Survey.  

I encourage you to hurry and register, the deadline for registration is Monday, September 30, 2013 and surveys must be launched by October 14, 2013.  Results will be announced in January of 2014. 

Participants must be based in the U.S. or Canada and have at least ten operating franchisees.  Companies may register at no cost here

If you’d like to reach out to Michelle directly, here’s how to reach her:

Michelle Rowan, President
Franchise Business Review

I encourage you to not miss this great opportunity to get the pulse of your system! 

More soon… 


P.S.  Not convinced yet? Read this…

You offer a GREAT and important service.  Honestly, it is irresponsible of a franchisor not to have their franchisees evaluate them.  If we didn't use FBR our core, purpose and mission would all be fluff.”

— Melanie Bergeron, Two Men and a Truck

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