How to Get the Key Messages of Your Franchise Conference to Stick!

In every conversation we have with our franchise clients, at some point we will talk about the success they have had in the past in getting their key conference messages to stick in the minds (and businesses) of their franchisees.  What we mean by ‘stick’ is really engagement. It’s about inspiring franchisees to implement and act on the new tools and ideas presented at the conference.

In this short clip from Troy Hazard (and yes, it’s part of the Franchise Success video series :-)), he gives us one very simple but great idea on how to get franchisees to bring home the learning from the event and actually make it part of their business.

And as Troy wisely noted, sometimes all it takes is the willingness to make one change that will create a positive domino effect with a franchisee implementing many new practices that will lead to their ultimate success!

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P.S.  Here’s recent feedback from a couple of Troy’s happy franchise clients:

“Troy Hazard delivered a dynamic, targeted keynote for our franchisees that was a direct hit in terms of the messages we wanted delivered. I was particularly impressed with the seamless way Troy dovetailed key points from my opening session into his keynote and created an overall continuity and cohesiveness that otherwise would not have been there. This was the first time I experienced this level of professionalism and genuine connection to our group from any outside speaker. All this and he was an absolute pleasure to work with every step of the way. Troy is smart, real and authentically cares about the clients he serves. We’ve had such a great response from our franchisees as well as our sponsor partners, we’re considering bringing him back next year! Many of our sponsors have asked me how to go about recruiting Troy to speak at their conferences.”

Roger Murphy, CEO & Founder
Murphy Business & Finance Corporation

“We recently had Troy Hazard engage our franchisees in a powerful session and what an impact he had – for all of us! Troy’s extensive franchise experience quickly established solid credibility with our franchisees and opened them up to hear his provocative message loud and clear. He challenged them to examine themselves, their goals and their future and WOW – did they resonate and respond to his session. Fantastic feedback from franchisees continues to roll in and we are so pleased with Troy’s impact and message, we are bringing him back again in October to work with the entire system and creating regular webinars to keep the momentum going between now and then. Troy’s session was an absolute homerun in every way!” 

Ted Marlowe, VP, Retail & Franchising

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