Drum Café: Hands-On Team Building Like You’ve Not Seen!

Despite what their name suggests, Drum Café West Coast is not a physical venue—it’s an absolutely unforgettable rhythmic experience! Drum Café provides an exhilarating and immersive franchise team-building experience that uses drumming as a medium to promote teamwork and communication, for any group size! Talk about bam!! Check this out:

Can you envision it? Opening your event? Closing your event? Creating a palpable feeling of franchise community and team?


  • Drum Café demonstrates the power of harmonizing around one common purpose through the universal language of rhythm and drumming. This language transcends all the barriers and boundaries that serve to separate people – culture, ethnicity, language, religion, geography, and even position in the organization. And it’s a language that unites us all as a community of powerful brand leaders.
  • Drum Café demonstrates the power of creating a global community through the concept of UBUNTU – I am who I am because of those around me. As human beings we cannot live/work in isolation—we are all interconnected. And when we truly live in this spirit of unbuntu, we are open and affirming to all – not threatened by our diversity of thought and being.
  • Drum Café will inspire your team to step into their best selves through the experience of connection between individuals and of the group as a whole around a common mission/vision.
  • Drum Café will help your team discover effective ways to deal with differences, to acknowledge, value and honor the inclusiveness of all the voices, experiences and contributions of those sitting in the room.

Natalie Spiro, featured in the video (check out her bio!) is authentic, passionate and compelling on stage while she and her team deliver an experience your team will not soon forget (and we’re pretty sure they’ve not seen before)! Fees are based on the program chosen and the number of attendees. Here are a few ballpark figures that illustrate the accessibility of this program: For their signature interactive keynote, which includes drumming for all, the fees starts at around $5,000 for 150 people—and for over 500 attendees around $20/person, plus travel for multiple facilitators.

I’m SO excited to share this unique experience with you and thrilled that the price point is accessible for so many of our franchise clients. Let’s talk if this sounds like it could be the show-stopper for your next event!

More soon…


P.S. Check out this additional video from Drum Café if you need more inspiration!

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