Engage Mid to Low Level Performing Franchisees at Your Next Convention!

Through the years and most recently at the IFA Business Solutions Roundtable that I hosted again this year, we hear franchisors asking,

“How can we increase the attendance of and then better engage
our mid-level and low-level performing franchisees
at our yearly conventions?”

We always have our ears open for ideas and tips on this, but a recent conversation has me excited about the possibilities of strategic solutions. Evan Hackel, founder of Ingage Consulting, thought-leader for true and meaningful Ingagement within franchising, keynote speaker and dear friend, has a brand-new offering, hot off the press, to address this need precisely and more: Strategic Meeting Planning Services for Outstanding Franchise Conventions and Meetings. Here are a few words about the program:

Well executed franchise conferences and large meetings can have a dramatic impact on the success of the franchisor. The ability to effectively communicate in a live environment is the most productive time a franchise system has for communication.

It is, therefore, extremely important that there is a large turnout at these events to have as effective a meeting as possible, given the time and expense for both the franchise and the franchisee.

Investing upfront in both improving attendance and effectiveness of the meeting will provide a substantial return on investment for your meeting.


  • Develop a highly interactive and effective franchise meeting plan
  • Improve levels of attendance and create an ongoing culture of attendance
  • Increase on-site engagement in all areas – individual learning, open exchange of ideas and experiences, building peer relationships, building relationships with franchisor Home Office staff, and just having FUN with each other!
  • Achieve key goals and learning objectives articulated by the leadership team

Sound interesting and valuable? If you’d like to know more about what Evan has to offer with this multi-leveled consulting, let me know. I’m excited to see Evan creating a solution for this niche within event planning.

More soon…


P.S. Did you know that Evan has a fantastic keynote/breakout session on Millennials, entitled, “Embracing Millennials, Your Best Employees Yet”?

Evan Hackel, Franchise Business Keynote Speaker

“There are a lot of speakers out there that talk the talk, but that’s all it is. Evan is different. He’s credible. He’s been a successful franchisor executive who’s achieved amazing growth by engaging his franchisees in the innovation process. And he’s also gathered important data insights on how to drive greater engagement in franchise networks generally. If you’re looking for a speaker who gets franchising and talks about what really works, get Evan.”

– Greg Nathan, Founder, Franchise Relationships Institute

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