Seth Mattison: Every Generation Has Its Own Story

“Every generation has its own story.”

Seth Mattison‘s research, intuition and personalized message inspire an understanding and respect that builds meaningful relationships… relationships that can transform the culture of a franchise system AND connect with customers authentically. Because, as Seth says, “deals get done in relationships”.

On stage, Seth is energetic, passionate and uses humor brilliantly to inspire change in relationships and culture—in a multi-generational franchise organization, as well as with clients, both in and out of your generational sphere.

Seth Mattison, Franchise Business Keynote Speaker

In today’s new world of work, Seth believes in the 3 C’s:

  • Courage to embrace continual change.
  • Curiosity to continue learning and stay ahead.
  • Commitment to show up with your whole-self every day.

More soon…


P.S. Loved this blog from Seth entitled, Why We Need a Female Leadership Movement.

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