February Feature: Speakers Who Build Incredible Teams – Robyn Benincasa

One of our most requested keynote topics in 2016 most requested keynote topics in 2016 was Teamwork/Teambuilding. And we are hearing this theme over and over and over as we talk to clients about their 2017 events. Is it any surprise within the diverse and ever changing world of a franchise system?!?

When talking teams, we simply HAVE to put Robyn Benincasa in the forefront. As the founder of World Class Teams and a world champion adventure racer, she is a passionate and intuitive team strategist.

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From the stage, she connects authentically and gives franchise systems the tools to create synergy and build incredible teams; ones that are ready to thrive and WIN, particularly in the face of change.

Through compelling stories, breathtaking video footage and edge of the seat engagement, Robyn’s “Why Winners Win” keynote delivers the four most common attributes of those who make a lifelong habit of winning.

“The ‘Best of the Best’ experience times of great challenge and change just like everyone else. But with characteristic Courage, Luck (Opportunity + Preparation), Adversity Management Skills, and a keen ability to Create Synergy with their colleagues, winners possess the ability to continually motivate and inspire themselves and those around them to the top of the podium in any endeavor.”

Whenever and wherever we place Robyn, the response is simply over the moon! She’s on deck for multiple events with our franchise clients so far in 2017 and we see many more on the horizon.

Robyn’s rates start at $20,000 and she travels from San Diego (where she’s a full-time fire fighter 🙂 ). I’m telling you, she’s amazing, generous and an inspired communicator.

Would you like to investigate the options for Robyn working with your franchise team this year? Let me know—I’d love to create a perfect match.  🙂

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P.S. Check out Robyn’s Teambuilder/Human Synergy Test to map the areas of strength and opportunities as it relates to your team synergy. It’s fascinating!

  • Robyn

    Awwwww, Thanks for this, Katrina! I love love love working with you and franchisees in general. So much of their business revolves around creating connections and building teams–not just with their staff and customers, but with eachother. I had a blast with the Outdoor Living team yesterday, btw! Thanks for all of the new pals. Hope you get some great feedback. You’re the best! P.s. Are you coming with Project Athena to the Grand Canyon in August?! Come on, Amiga! Let’s do this! Xoxox Robyn

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