Let’s Turn Valentine’s Day on its Head!

I get it, Valentine’s Day is traditionally about “significant others”—which is a wonderful thing to celebrate. But I’d like to take the liberty to broaden and twist it a bit. 🙂 So, after a quick exercise in “what do YOU love?” we came up with the…

Top 20 Things We LOVE!

  1. We love to laugh (often & heartily)!
  2. We love our amazing clients! (Thank you for your friendship, open communication, responsiveness, integrity, trust and sense of fun.)
  3. We love TSA Precheck.  🙂
  4. We love (need) a caffeine zing!
  5. We love the thrill of hitting a bulls-eye with the perfect speaker to ROCK our clients’ franchise conventions (in fact it’s a happy addiction).
  6. We love creating brand new lasting relationships—whenever and wherever we can!
  7. We love comfortable shoes at IFA!
  8. We love working with SO many smart, passionate, fun, authentic speaker- partners. You guys ROCK! and make us better every day.
  9. We love a great read. (And always looking for recommendations. 🙂 )
  10. We LOVE living in Colorado—the sunshine (300 days of it!), the skiing, the hiking! Visit us—anytime!
  11. We love working remotely and being able to seamlessly integrate our personal and professional lives. BUT…
  12. We love our “fix” of getting together with Team SPEAK!
  13. We love dark chocolate. (Debbie isn’t particular on type!)
  14. We love a PLAN! (and a Plan B.) And a list! (and crossing things off.)
  15. We love the loyal and pure love of a dog.
  16. We love exceeding our clients’ expectations—from the first call to the standing ovation!
  17. We love happy hour on a patio with friends new or old.
  18. We love spending time with horses.
  19. We love yoga—Namaste.
  20. We LOVE to solve problems!

and one more….

  1. We love to have FUN—it truly inspires us!

I hope this Valentine’s Day is filled with all sorts of love for you.

More soon…


P.S. A few additional loves that didn’t make it into the top 20—a clean desk, a clean house, snow, dancing, a couch that swallows you up, quirky job titles, the ocean, and last, but not least…Netflix.  🙂

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