John Francis: For the Love of Franchising

In keeping with the “love” theme this week 🙂 , we couldn’t come up with a better example of a speaker who loves franchising than John Francis. And franchising loves him! When talking to our clients, I cannot tell you how often we hear, “he’s worked with us, we love John, and our franchisees love John!”

He may be better known as a consultant or advisor within the industry, than a speaker—which is understandable (see experience below!). But WE think it’s a bit of a bummer, because he’s an authentic, passionate, (and fun!) speaker who delivers incredible content and inspires commitment from the stage!

In his 25+ years in the franchising industry, John has checked most boxes:

Franchisee ♦ Multi-unit franchisee ♦ Area developer ♦ Franchisor ♦

Supplier ♦ Investor ♦ Board member ♦

and along the way, has experienced a variety of successes and challenges, both typical and unique!

With this experience onboard, John takes the time to learn about your system and current situation to customize content that connects perfectly and delivers results. John works closely with franchisor leadership to ensure his presentation is aligned with the organization’s needs and goals. Woven into his sessions, of course, are first-hand stories from the trenches, creating an immediate connection with franchisees!

Here’s what you can expect from John’s keynote, The Franchise Lifecyle.

Your franchisees will…

  • Better understand the lifecycle and growth stages of being a franchisee.
  • Know and better understand the choices they have, and will become clear on how to implement them.
  • Understand what it means to be a better franchisee and how to do it.
  • Leverage the value of the system + brand, benefits of being a franchisee.
  • Take responsibility for the success of their business as an owner.
  • Gain perspective to see what they have not seen, including choices they make, value of the brand and franchising and landmines they can avoid along the path of success.
  • See where they’ve been, recognize where they are and see where they can go—creating more deliberate growth.
  • Learn how to speed it up, do it faster, with less drama, pain and suffering!
  • Receive tools and techniques to ensure results back in their day-to-day world.

John’s price point delivers incredible value. And his love and passion for franchising creates an instant connection from the stage or within a workshop setting. John’s fees start at $5,000 and he travels from Minneapolis, MN. Would John be a valuable addition to your next event? I’d love to talk about the possibilities!

More soon…


P.S. Ask John about his start in franchising as a male model!

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