For a Successful Event, Start With Your End Goal!

When we brainstorm speaker ideas with a franchisor, we ask a lot of questions.  In fact, it’s not uncommon to have a client start the conversation with a request for a particular kind of speaker only to discover at the end, that they’d like to create an entirely different experience for their franchisees.

In our fact-finding process with a client, we will first find out about the challenges their franchisees are facing in today’s market, new initiatives on deck, and any stress or strain in the franchisee-franchisor relationship, all of which help us understand the system’s culture and generate ideas for appropriate content. Once we have the groundwork laid, we will then dig into goals for the meeting overall and for the session or sessions that they are looking for the right speaker to present.

The single most important question we ask is this:

“What do you want your franchisees to think, feel, say and do after this session?” 

Think about it. Why are you willing to invest your valuable marketing dollars in t

his speaker?  What needs to happen for you to feel like your investment was worthwhile?

Give me a call – I’ll ask a lot of questions, work hard to get to know your system and offer up some great options for you to select from.  Our goal is to help you find just the right speaker match –both from a content and a cultural perspective!

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We know and value the franchise world. It’s all we do.

More soon!


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