Scott Greenberg on Mastering the Franchisee Mindset

Igniting Franchisees Ability to Lead & Succeed

A cancer survivor turned marathon runner, as well as a professional speaker and current franchisee, Scott Greenberg shares his experience and keen insights with franchisees to help them achieve peak performance.

We love working with Scott because he walks his talk!  Applying his techniques to his own Edible Arrangements franchise, Scott’s store is one of the highest grossing Edible Arrangements units in California. In fact, in 2010, Scott won the “Best Customer Service” award out of 972 franchisees worldwide.

Scott is passionate about sharing key elements of self-mastery with other franchisees from all types of systems.  From service to retail and from hospitality to restaurant, Scott message resonates with every franchise audience.  Here’s an overview of his most in-demand topic:

Internal Mastery, External Results: Mastering the Franchisee Mindset

Most entrepreneurs immerse themselves in operations, hoping if they work hard enough on marketing,

management and systems, their business will grow. What they don’t consider are the internal factors — their own thoughts, beliefs and emotions that permeate every aspect of what they do. Ultimately, business leaders must be disciplined and mentally resilient to achieve long-term results. As both a professional speaker and award-winning franchisee, Scott will show your group how to free their brain of mental distractions so they can better focus on serving their customers and growing their business.

He will also show you how to:

    • Develop resilience and the mental “stuff” to endure the challenges of owning a business
    • Make decisions based on reason rather than reaction
    • Create a culture of service that strengthens partnerships and brings customers back
    • Find deeper meaning, enjoyment, and fulfillment in your work so your can go the distance with your business
    • Get higher levels of performance from employees

Here’s a response from a recent client on the impact of this session on their team;

“You were able to captivate an audience of more than 75 people for an extensive four hours…Overall, the presentation was intelligent, engaging, entertaining, and motivating.”  

— Cam Inglis, President, Marble Slab Creamery Canada

Whether delivering a tactical workshop or a dynamic keynote, Scott will help your group identify their self-imposed obstacles and inspire them to take their business, their management style and their customer service to the next level.

Clients praise Scott for his quick-witted humor and authenticity.  They also appreciate the way he relates his content to all areas of a business leader’s life, deepening the impact of his messages.  Your franchisees will leave his session feeling professionally prepared and personally inspired.

Let me know if you’d like to explore how Scott can support your team and an upcoming event.

More soon!


PS: Here are a couple of more testimonials you may also find of interest…

“The response was phenomenal! Scott was both entertaining and informational… In a post conference survey, Scott received the highest rating of the day, a 5 rating out of 5.”

Jenn Johnston, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer, Global Franchise Group

“I was shocked by the amount of employees who came up to thank me for hiring you. You have undoubtedly helped EDI Express to become a better company.”

Jerry Kelleher, Senior Vice President,  EDI Express


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