Franchise Business Review Webinar Series

Franchise Business Review Webinar Series helps Build Profits Through Relationships with Franchisees and Customers

Franchise Performance Webinar Series

Many of you know Eric Stites and his talented team of research professionals at Franchise Business Review.  Next week, Eric launches 3 weeks of Power Sessions via his annual  Webinar Series.  Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, this series is guaranteed to help you grow your business and improve your overall performance.  Eric has lined up a fantastic program including Greg Nathan on Profitable Partnerships and Troy Hazard on Revenue Through Relationships.

Eric’s impressive roster also includes Evan Hackel, Thomas Scott, Matt Kelton, John Panaccione, Catherine Monson, Kathleen Kuhn and Jeff Bevis—all recognized as some of today’s leading franchise experts and coaches on franchise best practices.

These six informative Power Sessions in the Franchise Business Review Webinar Series cover everything from overcoming the psychology of fear in your franchisees, to creating a best-in-class franchise support system — with each session designed specifically to improve franchisee performance and profitability. Over six hours of information-packed presentations in all. You'll gain powerful insights and best practices, as

well as tips to measuring and improving your own performance as a franchisor. What a great way to kick start your system performance for Q4 and beyond!

Here’s what previous attendees had to say about  program:

“The Franchise Business Review Webinar Series sessions were very useful. I had a pad full of ideas which could help improve our company. The time spent was well worth it!”

“Excellent! Very informative. Put me on the list for your next program.”

“10 out of 10. Loved it!”

Here’s the detailed agenda:

Power Session 1:
Franchise Advisory Councils:
Tactical Ways to SET UP, ENGAGE and MANAGE the Relationship

Presented on Wednesday, September 1st at 1 PM ET
Evan Hackel, CEO, Ingage Consulting

Power Session 2:
Profitable Partnerships:
7 Success Strategies for Franchisors and Franchisees
Presented on Thursday, September 2nd at 4 PM ET
Greg Nathan, Founder & Managing Director, Franchise Relationships Institute

Power Session 3:
Revenue Through Relationships:
The Naked Truth of Relationship Marketing
Presented on Wednesday September 8th at 1 PM ET
Troy Hazard, Author and Corporate Speaker

Power Session 4:
Driving Franchisee Performance Through Engaging Communication:
How to Use Internal Communication to Improve Unit Level Economics

Presented on Thursday September 9th at 4 PM ET
Thomas Scott, Director of Operations and Matt Kelton, COO, ShowHomes Franchise System

Power Session 5:
Learning from the Big Boys:
How Caterpillar, HP, Freightliner and others Leverage Training On-Demand

Presented on Wednesday September 15th at 1 PM ET
John Panaccione, CEO, LogicBay

Power Session 6:
Franchise Executive Power Panel: Shared Best Practices from the Top
Presented on Thursday September 16th at 4 PM ET
Jeff Bevis, CEO, FirstLight HomeCare
Kathleen Kuhn, CEO, HouseMaster
Catherine Monson, CEO, FastSigns

I am so excited about this program that Eric has put together, I just had to share it.
Hope you can join me on the calls!


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