Future. Change. Teams. Generations. Female.

Do any of those words grab your attention? I’m guessing they do, as we hear many of them, over and over, as we talk to our franchise clients about what their franchise systems are looking to address in their conventions.

One FABULOUS solution…
Cheryl Cran: Future of Work, Change Leadership. Me to WE Teams.
Multi-Generational Collaboration. FANTASTIC female keynoter.

One of Cheryl’s most popular topics for keynotes or breakouts (in addition to her signature Future of Work program) is Maximizing Collaboration & Innovation in Multi-Generational Teams: 

Generations in the workplace are no longer news; leaders and teams don’t want to hear about what makes the generations different anymore they want to know “HOW” to leverage collaboration and innovation among the multi-generational teams.

This keynote is tactical and practical and provides examples of different generational approaches to leadership, problem-solving and getting things done.

Newer research indicates that in the past few years as Gen Y’s/Millennials impact the workplace there is a higher need for valuing the differences of each of the generations and to find ways to work together synergistically.

Attendees will leave this session with:

  • The three things that ALL generations want at work
  • How the strengths of each of the generations are absolutely needed for the future of work today
  • Insight and a reminder of the demographics of each of the generations in the workplace and their impact on business
  • How each of the generations leverages technology to achieve work goals
  • Debunking the myths of the stereotypes of the generations
  • Leadership strategies on how to successfully lead each of the generations by adapting to their work style and generational style
  • How to increase success in communication, collaboration and innovation with each of the generations
  • Case studies of high profile companies who have a large Gen Y demographic and what those companies are doing to recruit and retain Gen Y’s
  • Stories of progressive ideas on how to deal with retiring or ‘refiring’ Zoomers, how to encourage reverse mentoring and how to build career plans for Gen X and Y
  • How to leverage evolutionary leadership skills of creativity and innovation when leading multigenerational teams
Cheryl Cran, Franchise Keynote Speaker

Cheryl’s style is fast-talking, relevant, interactive, and high energy. She incorporates movies and music, which delivers increased audience engagement, easily put-to-use ideas and inspired actionable results.

Cheryl’s fees start at $15,000 and she travels from Vancouver. If you’d love to learn more about Cheryl and the possibilities of a fit for your next event, I’d love to connect.

More soon,


P.S. Cheryl’s recent blog, The Future of Work Needs Teams With These 5 Skills is an interesting read!

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