John Francis: Could you benefit from an advisory board?

Dear friend, keynote speaker, workshop/breakout trainer, franchise guru/consultant, strategic advisor and all-round nice and fantastically fun guy, John Francis (not sure which of his hats you know best 😊), was interviewed recently about the value of advisory boards. I saw it land in my in-box, listened and thought it could be helpful and valuable for our franchise friends, so am passing it along!

From John…

Could you benefit from an advisory board?

Last month, I was invited to speak on the Social Geek Radio podcast about advisory boards and how they can provide the experience and accountability needed to help franchise professionals succeed. During the show, host Jack Monson and I talked about the benefits of having a board, qualities to look for in board members and how to use the board’s expertise to get the greatest value for your business.

Headshot of John Francis: Franchise Keynote Speaker

If you’re unfamiliar with John Francis OR think of him as only a franchise consultant, I encourage you to consider the immense value he can deliver at your next franchise convention as a keynote or breakout speaker (or combo!). His expertise on the franchise lifecycle allows him to work hand in hand with your leadership team to customize and deliver a message perfectly aligned with where your brand is and where it’s headed. And franchisees LOVE John…it’s an instant connection.

John’s fees start at $7,500—an incredible value. Let me know if you’d like to talk about the possibilities!

More soon,


P.S. Have you heard John referred to as “Johnny Franchise”? Here’s the backstory.

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