Greg Nathan Tip #47: A Moving Experience and Fall 2012 US Travel Dates

I sent a note out to many of you recently regarding Greg Nathan’s upcoming trip to the U.S. We’ve received a lot of calls and still have a few available dates open if you are interested in having Greg create a custom Franchise Relations Boot Camp specifically for your team.  

Greg Nathan Fall 2012 U.S./Canada Dates



Monday September 24, 2012


Tuesday September 25, 2012

On Hold (may become available)

Wednesday September 26, 2012


Thursday September 27, 2012


Friday September 28, 2012


Saturday September 29, 2012


Monday October 1, 2012


Tuesday October 2, 2012


Wednesday October 3, 2012

On Hold (may become available)

Thursday October 4, 2012

On Hold (may become available)


Greg Nathan Spring 2013 U.S./Canada Dates



Wednesday February 20, 2013

On Hold (may become available)

Thursday February 21, 2013

On Hold (may become available)

Friday February 22, 2013


Monday February 25, 2013

On Hold (may become available)

Tuesday February 26, 2013

On Hold (may become available)

Wednesday February 27, 2013


Thursday February 28, 2013


Friday March 1, 2013


Those of you who have been fortunate enough to work with Greg Nathan in a custom Franchise Relations Workshop, one of our Profitable Partnerships Boot Camps, or an ICFE session, know what a master facilitator Greg is.  His dynamic style, keen insights and intuitive understanding of any group combine to create an extraordinary learning experience.

Below is a video testimonial from one of Greg’s recent participants from his Boot Camp workshop.

In the meantime, I thought you might also enjoy one of Greg’s recent Healthy Franchise Relations Tips # 47!

Tip # 47 A Moving Experience

I recently had a moving experience, literally. If you have simultaneously sold and bought a house in different States you will know it is a complex project requiring assistance from many people. In our case, around 25 separate suppliers were involved, a mixture of franchised and independent operators. Some were outstanding, most

were mediocre and a few were, let’s say, hopeless.

In hindsight, there are two reasons why only some of these people delivered an outstanding service which I would unreservedly recommend. The first is they used a good process. The second is they delivered it with a high level of zeal and care.

Several of the franchised systems we used obviously had a process, but the person delivered it in a sloppy or half hearted manner. For instance one started off well but failed to follow through on his promises. Another had a mindless approach that left us feeling more like a number than a customer.

On the other hand several of the independent business operators we used were highly enthusiastic and full of good intentions, but were all over the place because they weren’t following a process. This resulted in frustrating inefficiencies for them and us.

Being rigid for a reason

All the excellent performers combined a proven process with enthusiasm, care and attention to detail. Take Reuben, the young real estate agent who sold our house. When he made his initial pitch for the business, I tried a number of times to speed him up or get him to jump ahead. But he stuck to his process, explaining patiently and with good humour why it was in our interests that he take us through each step.

Reuben consistently combined this commitment to using the process developed by his franchise system, with enthusiasm and dedication to keeping us satisfied. And now I am referring him to others.

The process and the passion

Not all the great performers were part of a franchise. Take Karin, an independent buyers advocate we used to find our new home. We used her because she was highly recommended by a colleague. Karin followed a process she had developed herself through trial and error. After each house we inspected she would give me a detailed report she had prepared on the house and the area. Whenever I asked to see this report prior to visiting a house, she insisted on sticking to her process, explaining that she has found it best that I first gather my own impressions of the house before being influenced by hers.

Similar to the other excellent performers, Karin clearly enjoyed her work and was always available when we needed her. While she may have worked a bit harder than the mediocre service providers, she will be repaid handsomely because she turned us into promoters for her business. So I guess I will also be providing Karin with free marketing services in the future!

A good process implemented with passion and care is what creates a truly moving customer experience. And in any business, franchised or not, this is what ultimately drives referrals, growth and profitability.

What does make me smile from time to time is that franchisees pay good money to have access to some excellent business processes. Then, because of laziness, pride or boredom, they fail to follow the processes they paid for and end up complaining they are not getting enough customers or making enough money. If we were honest, perhaps in these cases their franchisor has also failed to engage them adequately.

Speaking of being engaging, if you’d like to engage me to work with your team, I’ll be in North America late September. If this sounds of interest, contact Katrina Mitchell on 720-304-3710 or 

Greg Nathan
Franchise Relationships Institute 

As you may already know, we will not be running our Profitable Partnerships Boot Camps in 2012 so this will be the only opportunity to work directly with Greg and to enhance Profitable Partnerships throughout your franchise system.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


P.S.  Did you know that we keep a stock of Greg’s books in our offices here in Colorado?  Let us know if you are interested in purchasing any of the following titles:


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