IFA2022 Evan Hackel: How to Create Healthy Franchise Relations

Evan Hackel, known as Mr. Ingagement, brings an amazing amount of franchise experience to IFA 2022. He understands how to create growth within a franchise system and is not afraid to tackle the hard topics.

Along with Brian Schnell, CFE and Greg Nathan, CFE, Evan will be sharing proven franchise relationship skills and strategies based on cutting edge psychology, decades of real-world experience, and research from hundreds of franchise networks.

Don’t miss this session! It’s a WOW!!

IFA 2022
ICFE Special Sessions: FranTogether: How to Create Healthy Franchise Relations
Friday, 2/25/22; 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Evan Hackel: Founder & CEO, Ingage Consulting

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