Make an Effort

I don’t watch much television, but last week happened to tune into Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition.  I've long been curious (and a little disturbed) as to how our culture has so thoroughly embraced the barrage of reality shows that demonstrate just how ugly, base, mean and unconscious we can be with each other, and I can say I was deeply touched by how Chris Powell (the trainer and coach) authentically cared

about Jarvez’s (the participant) success and through the process his well-being – both physically and emotionally. 

What really struck me was the amazing attitude that Jarvez entered into this arduous journey with.  Chris would push and push Jarvez and at the end of each exercise, Jarvez, barely able to catch his breath would say, “What’s next?”  His willingness to ‘play full on’ in every moment and his palpable gratitude for the opportunity to change his life was inspiring.  In no time, I was engaged in Jarvez’s journey, cheering him on and literally perched on the edge of my seat for each weigh in.  

At the end for the Phase I, the first 3-month period, Jarvez had lost 142 pounds.  That’s hard to even comprehend.  His comment to Chris? – “I’ll continue to put the work in.” 

During the second 3-month phase, Jarvez got vertigo and couldn’t workout for almost a month.  What did he say when he Chris announced the disappointing number and Jarvez  found out he didn’t meet his Phase 2 goal?  “I take responsibility for that.”    

Wow!  Willingness to do whatever it takes with a cheerful and positive attitude and accepting full responsibility for success or failure?   WOW!  What an inspiration and role model for us all! 

Overall, Jarvez lost 281 pound in 365 days.  His closing comment?  “I was carrying the weight of a huge emotional loss on the inside which was a reflection of the outside.  Now with Adriana’s (Jarvez’s new wife) love and support, and Chris’s help to get me back to ‘sexy’, the inside matches the outside.”

The next morning this great message was in my inbox and it seemed to tie right in so I couldn’t resist passing it along…

 Make an effort


Effort makes you stronger. Effort makes you more effective. 

Even if it doesn't immediately bring the results you seek, effort moves you in the direction of your goals. Effort demonstrates and teaches, in ways that are undeniable, what works and what doesn't. 

Make an effort, a real, sincere, focused effort, and you make some progress. Make another effort, and another, and another, and you'll surely get where you intend to go. 

Dreaming and wishing and planning and intending all have their places. Yet it is effort that finally gets you there. 

Effort makes you feel like you're getting something done, because you are. It sure beats complaining or wondering or worrying. 

Make an effort and make some progress. Make an effort and put some real substance and life into your dreams. 

Ralph Marston 

Copyright (C) 2012 Ralph S. Marston, Jr. All rights reserved.

Thanks to Jarvez, the next time that things seem hard or overwhelming, I’ll just borrow his powerful creed, “What’s next?”  Bring it on.  I’m willing and ready to put in whatever effort it takes.

More soon….


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