Ready for Something Unforgettable at Your Next Franchise Event?

Imagine your next franchise keynoter illustrating performing under pressure by juggling sharp objects. Or amplifying the principles of navigating change by weaving through the crowd on a six-foot unicycle. Or demonstrating work-life balance with podium handstands. That’s just the beginning of how Dan Thurmon makes your message totally unforgettable.

Franchise audiences describe Dan’s keynotes as “a show-stopping performance with a life-changing message” and that might just be an understatement! Dan doesn’t just talk about Peak Performance, he truly personifies it. He uses gravity-defying feats as his visual aids, delivering unforgettable messages with jaw-dropping style so your franchise conference attendees will be talking about him – and his memorable, actionable message – for a long time.

Dan is truly inspirational. We love how he motivates ‘zees and ‘zors to set high goals, seek challenges, and strive to be better individually and together as a franchise team. His one-of-a-kind and very memorable style is one of the many reasons he’s in the prestigious Speaker’s Hall of Fame.

If you’re looking for someone to reinvigorate your franchise event, Dan is the perfect keynote or closing speaker, give us a call. (Ask us about his keynote followed by a breakout session, it’s a fantastic way to drill down into actionables at the franchisee level.) Dan travels from Georgia and his fee starts at $17,500.

More soon…

P.S. To see more about who Dan is and his passion to help others, check out his weekly short video blogs…they’ve become a staple over here!

Headshot of Franchise Business Keynote Speaker, Dan Thurmon

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