Scott Greenberg: Collective Mindset = Franchise Culture

SO many of our franchise friends know and love Scott Greenberg, and for good, no GREAT reason (we do too)! Scott has real-life, real-time experience running 2 award-winning franchise units of his own. With this history, Scott is lock step with franchisee audiences from the moment he takes stage. Scott’s passion is elevating franchisee performance—and he poses this question…

“Why would so many people with the same resources and same challenges keep
running the same business to get different results?”

Through real-world franchise experience, Scott zeros in on mindset as the X factor (not just strategy and sweat). And here’s the thing…the collective mindset of franchisees creates the culture of the franchise system.

Here are a few of Scott’s most popular keynote programs:

Headshot of Scott Greenberg, motivational franchise keynote speakerThe Wealthy Franchisee Mindset: How Top Franchisees Think, Thrive and Grow

It’s All About The Customer: Creating A Service Culture That Keeps Customers Coming Back

Better Teams, Bigger Business: How to Grow Your Company With Employees Who Are All In

And he recently saved the day VERY last minute (4 days out), when one of our favorite meeting planners had a speaker cancellation. Scott rearranged his schedule and spoke on managing change—which he personalized, hit a homerun and then reflected on really loving this topic, as it connects back to mindset! 😊

Scott’s fees start at $10,000, which is a big time value based on his experience, both in franchising and as a professional speaker—and beyond that, he’s one of the nicest, most authentic guys you’ll ever meet. If you’d like to talk more about Scott, I’d love to!

More soon…


P.S. See Scott on stage and you’ll see why he knocks it out of the park, each and every time!

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