Seth Mattison: Where Does Your Leader Sit?

“In the new world of work, the leader no longer sits on the top of the chart.
The leader sits in the middle of the network—and what a powerful place to be.
The leader can connect with everyone—and more importantly, everyone can connect with them.”

Looking for a fresh keynoter that rocks your next franchisee convention? If you have just 2-3 minutes, we’d love for you to meet Seth Mattison.

Seth’s message hits (and will be customized toward) generational dynamics, leadership, team-building, culture, change management, customer experience and trendspotting.

And it’s interesting to note where Seth gets his perspective and passion for understanding generations and the cultural shifts that are happening within our society and the world of work. In his own words,

Seth Mattison“I started formally studying workforce trends and generational dynamics almost 10 years ago but I’ve spent a lifetime learning about how each generation’s story shapes their view of the world and trends impacting our society.

I was born on 4th generation farm in Minnesota where I grew up working alongside my father, my grandfather, and my great-grandfather. 3 Generations of men whose experiences ran from WWI, The Stock Market Crash, The Great Depression, WWII, The Cold War, Vietnam, etc. They were history buffs and storytellers and pretty remarkable men to grow up around.

Now being a child of the early 80s, I’m just old enough to have been around before mobile devices could be used to entertain/distract children, so for me, tractors became classrooms filled with history lessons and stories of past generations. It was here that I was exposed to the idea that each generation has their own unique story.

I personally believe there’s never been a more important time then right now for a conversation about who we are and where we’re going as we charge headlong into this new world of work.”

Love that! Seth is authentic, fresh and will inspire change in relationships and culture—within your multi-generational franchise organization, as well as with clients, both in and out of your generational sphere. His fees start at $17,500 and he travels from LA. Can you envision Seth knocking it out of the park for your franchise team? Let’s talk!

More soon…


P.S. Seth has the honor of speaking at this year’s Franchise Consumer Marketing Conference in Atlanta on June 20-21. Seth’s keynote, Customer Experience vs. Customer Service – What’s the Difference?, closes the incredibly value packed agenda! Let us know if you or a team member attend and see Seth—we’d love to hear additional franchise feedback.


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