Let’s Talk About Values

Have you ever…
interacted with a franchise organization regularly (other than your own),
and tried to guess what their core values are?

Unintentionally, we definitely have! At IFA a couple months back, Debbie and I had the pleasure of meeting or reconnecting with so many wonderful people. In some cases, we met multiple team members from franchises we’ve not had the opportunity to work with—while for many, we enjoyed meeting more of our franchise client’s teams!

As we casually reflected on these interactions, we found some inspiring consistencies surface throughout many of these franchise teams. In one case, after mentioning our discovery to a franchise CEO, he indicated immediately that his organization works intentionally to infuse their core values into their system, creating a cohesive culture. “Well…”, we said, “it shows!”

In working with our clients, SPEAK! doesn’t typically have the opportunity to interact with franchisees. However, when talking to franchisors about their franchisee conventions, before we even have the chance to ask (and it’s on our list), those planning the event are quick to talk about the values and culture of their franchise system…proudly. They are passionate about these values permeating their entire franchise system…from franchisor to field staff to the franchisees that represent the brand to their front-line employees who have the most impact in demonstrating these values to the customer. The values and culture radiate from the heart of the organization and it’s inspirational.

Here’s a great quote from one of our favorite speakers, Scott Greenberg, on values…

“Every franchise community has a value system. For some it’s by design and for others it develops on its own. Those who take time to define it deliberately and let it guide their decisions are the ones who enjoy the most dynamic and ultimately prosperous culture.”

When launching SPEAK! 8 years ago our core values were created and remain: kindness, integrity, communication, trust AND fun (because life is better with laughter)! We know these values are critical within our hiring, leading, developing and retaining of team members AND the key to any success we may have. We hope that these values bubble out naturally in our interactions with those around us—no matter whom or in what circumstance.  🙂 

More soon…


P.S. If addressing franchise culture and values is important during your next franchise event, SPEAK! has several incredible speaker options at a variety of price points that can knock your culture message out of the park! Let’s talk.

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