Step Into Your Potential with Ford Saeks

It’s no wonder Business Growth Accelerator, Ford Saeks, is one of our most in demand keynote speakers!  Ford has been delivering fun, interactive, and engaging Live Stream EXPERIENCES for franchise systems for more then 20 years. Franchisees have been showering their home offices with accolades for Ford’s sessions these last 6 months.  Why? because Ford’s sessions are packed with tools that are relevant, timely, actionable, and easy to implement.  With our business landscapes changing moment by moment, Ford brings franchisees tools that they can use today to affect what they can change and adapt to what ever comes their way.

Ford specializes in helping franchises increase performance and profits: providing real-life insights delivered through entertaining, interactive, customized presentations. And now, he is ready to help you and your team apply his practical marketing approach and proven strategies that have changed the game for many companies across a variety of industries!

Whether targeted to address customer engagement, leadership, or sustainable sales success, Ford’s strategies are designed to help both franchisees and franchisor step into their full potential.

Love Ford as much as we do? Let’s talk about booking him for your next event (virtual OR live!)

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