Shhh, don’t tell…but the holidays have me stressed.

Those of you that know me well, know that I view the holidays differently than the often overwhelming, version of the holidays that envelopes us. Peace and presence is more the goal than hustle and bustle. Does that sound nice? (Well…for some reason, this year I’m feeling the stress a bit more than usual, despite my vision of calm. 😊) Are you stressed too? Well, whether it’s the holidays taking things to the next level or something else entirely, “de-stress” is a word that elicits a relaxed sigh or a drop in the shoulders. Am I right?

Enter, “3 Essentials to De-Stress & Achieve Success,” an eBook from motivational speaker, hypnotist, mindset expert, TV personality and friend of SPEAK!, Ricky Kalmon. Ricky draws on his background in the subconscious mind and delivers tangible ways for you to diminish stress and thrive.

I hope you like it! We did.

More soon…


P.S. And more on Ricky, when presenting (whether a keynote or hypnosis show) Ricky is always tasteful, always hilarious, but never predictable. He’s the most requested stage hypnotist in the country—he knows how to melt the ice, break barriers and turn your event into an unforgettable interactive experience. Contact me if you’re intrigued!

Essentials to Destress eBook

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