Dogs Playing for Life

Happy Holidays!

In appreciation of your support and friendship, we have made a donation in your name to Dogs Playing for Life.

Dogs Playing for Life (DPFL) was founded on the principle that a dog’s natural instinct is to PLAY. By teaching shelters how to implement ‘playgroups’ – a process that safely allows shelter dogs out to play – Founder & CEO, Aimee Sadler and her team are helping shelters across North America create a more humane environment that allows for happier, healthier, more readily adoptable dogs. And that means less time in the shelter for these guys and less euthanasia.

I interviewed Aimee recently to find out more about Dogs Playing for Life and how to help her spread the word about her amazing work in the world.

Here are some of the ways that dogs who get out to play in structured playgroups benefit:

  • Burn off excess energy and counteract the stresses of shelter life
  • Exercise relaxes them and makes them better behaved in the kennels when meeting their potential adopters
  • Give them an opportunity to learn critical dog-to-dog social skills that can help them post-adoption in developing positive relationships with dogs outside of the shelter
  • By observing a dog’s state of play and social skills off the leash, shelter staff gain a better understanding of each dog as an individual
  • Getting the dogs out every day gives the kennel staff a chance to work more efficiently in cleaning and maintaining the kennels when the dogs are outside in playgroups.
  • Happy, healthy and well-adjusted dogs are more appealing to adopters and easier to care for. Staff and volunteers are thrilled when the length of stay and euthanasia rates are decreased.

All by just letting them get out and PLAY!

Dogs Live to Play. Now Let Them Play to Live!

I hope you are as moved by DPFL’s work as we are. At SPEAK! we are all dog people (and some of us are cat people too!) and anything that helps our animals, we are all in.

Happy Holidays from all us to you.


Dogs Playing For Life Organization

P.S. Want to do more? Here’s some ideas of how you can help:

  • Sponsor the DPFL playgroup enrichment program at your local shelter! Contact DPFL to find out how!
  • Help raise money to support your local shelter in implementing the program
  • Donate on the DPFL site – every contribution helps!
  • Contact your local shelter and find out if they are aware of playgroup programs
  • Join the Dogs Playing for Life Facebook Group
  • Share the story on your own social media channel

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