What Do Dog Training and Franchising Have in Common?

You probably know by now that the SPEAK! team is a bunch of dog lovers. So when I draw comparisons between leadership, training and education for our beloved four-leggeds and our respected human team members of a franchise system (from employees to franchisees), please know that it’s a HUGE compliment in my eyes. Being that January is “National Train Your Dog Month” and since I have a background in dog training, I was thinking about some parallels between connecting with and inspiring the best out of our canine friends and those we work with that might be useful.

  1. Praise and attention. Really this is all our dogs want from us (besides a biscuit, which I will get to). Showing your franchisees that you value and appreciate them and providing them the right kind of support and attention makes a huge difference in how they relate to you. Love a dog and they will love you back. ‘Love’ your franchisees via effective, proven systems, open and effective communication channels, and regular contact and support and they will love you back (which means building your brand).
  2. Rules and consistency. All dogs need rules, which are made to ensure their safety and protection. As a puppy, they might not understand exactly why they can’t chew on that awesome electrical cord when it feels so gooood. But you know better. The same goes with franchisees. Making sure that rules an

    d processes are clearly stated and giving franchisees the support, guidance and coaching to consistently deliver on a brand’s promise could be considered the same as raising a puppy. At first it may not be understood why a particular procedure or policy is in place, but learning to trust that the franchisor has their best interest in mind and that the rules are made to create success in their business will go a long way to creating a respectful and harmonious relationships.

  3. Recognition and rewards. Humans and dogs alike, we all thrive on being recognized for a job well done. For our pups it might be verbal praise, a favorite treat or a scratch on the back. Humans can be trickier but most of us thrive by simply being recognized for the effort we are putting forth. Whether it is recognition from a field manager, a key executive from the franchisor home office, or a group of peers, being recognized for our efforts and praised for a job well done goes a long, long way.

Happy Train Your Dog Month! I went crazy when I saw this video – if your dog can do anything like these pooches then BRA-VO!

More soon…


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