Change is in the Air (and Always Has Been)

One of my biggest personal “Ah Ha's!” in the last year has been that change just “is.” In every moment all we have is change. This idea that things remain the same is an illusion and embracing that everything is in a state of constant state of change has given me an entirely different point of view.

Instead of resisting change and becoming frustrated that things are not the way they were, I have embraced the idea that something new and different is unfolding in every moment, which has given me a kind of fundamental (and playful) curiosity about what is actually occurring. One way is hard, requires effort, struggle and holding.  The other?  Well, it just “is” so it's easy, playful and full of surprises!  As one of my dear friends and a great teacher likes to say, “The degree of suffering we experience is dir

ectly proportionate to the degree we want something to be different than it is.”

Here's the slide show that got me really thinking about change, along with my favorite snippet from it. Enjoy!

“For your entire life, you've been adapting to change. In each new change, find the opportunities, make the most of them, and move your life powerfully forward.” – Ralph Marston

Click HERE to watch the slide show.

More soon…


PS – Need a fantastic speaking duo on change? Check out Tim and Kris O’Shea and their insanely funny “Change 180°” program.

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