Is Your Next Motivational Speaker Living in a Van Down by the River?

We are all constantly facing challenges in our day-to-day experiences and sometimes might even feel like we are losing ground.  Whenever I feel like I'm not achieving my goals or things aren't coming together like I had hoped, I remind myself how lucky I am to work in an industry that is propelled by positivity, growth and progress. The speakers I work with are dedicated to making constructive, lasting changes for their franchise clients.  Their messages help franchise teams teams succeed – whether that 'team' is a franchisor/franchisee team, a franchisor/home office staff team, or the franchisee's team of managers and front-line staff within their own unit(s). I believe that it's when times get tough that true colors show, and I'm always impressed with this great and supportive franchise community we get to be a part of.

I also feel lucky that there's laughter in my life…EVERY SINGLE day! I laugh with my speakers, my franchise clients

, and my SPEAK! team. If we really try, there's always a way to take our daily work stressors and put a funny spin on them.

Here's a guaranteed five minutes of laughter from the hilarious Chris Farley (May he rest in peace). Don't worry – we don't have any Matt Foley's on the SPEAK! roster (wink).

Here's to finding a way to laugh every, single day!

More soon…


PS – Something that most folks don’t know about me is that I actually did live in a van.  And no, it was not ‘Down by the River’ in the Chris Farley sense, but was often parked down by a river – lots of different rivers in fact, all over North America.  I traveled in a camper for more than two years with my beloved dog Ted.  We’ll post more on that down the road (pun intended).

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